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We have received our agenda for Monday night’s City Strategy & Policy committee meeting and Kelvin Avenue comes back to us for further consideration.
We have three options being put to us by our administration for consideration including the original option, which remains administrations recommended option. The second option is to not proceed and the third option is one that administration has worked on to address the issues raised during the consultation process and to address issues with ETSA’s transformer.
This option is for a single lane road opening up each end to allow two way traffic. This concept apparently provides ETSA with enough room to access their transformer as and when they may need to and does leave enough room for greenscaping (for want of a better word).
If the original option is Council’s preferred option then it will go back out in time to consultation from DTEI, as I understand it.
If the revised concept gets up then WE will go back out to consultation with the outcome being reported to Council at its meeting on 12 December 2011.  Jennie and I are keen that all people with an interest in the outcome contribute and we will be looking to catch up with each of you in the time available to us.
Watch this space for the result of Monday night’s meeting.