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I can confirm that a meeting was held today with Jennie Boisvert and our traffic manager Charles Mountain to explore some of the solutions I previously explored with Charles. I was meant to be involved but had a prior engagement. Whether it was meant to be a public meeting or not a number of residents did attend.

Even though I arrived (after my surgery follow-up consultation at the QEH) just as it was disbanding I believe I have a good understanding of the options discussed, having talked to not only Jennie & Charles but with two others present, and the mood of acceptance for these options.

It appears from this meeting that a compromise (if I can use that word) solution may be possible (not necessarily preferred by individuals in the meeting but willing to be considered). This would be in the form of designing a shared or one-way road, allowing exit from Kelvin onto East but not the reverse. I have my own perception of how this would need to be designed to work and I have discussed this with a few who attended the meeting. Having said that we need to allow Charles to work on a concept that we can all then input into.

As I understand it procedurally the concept would need to be put to the City Strategy Meeting for approval to consult and this would need to be endorsed by council at the council meeting the following week. If I am correct consultation as such would not be possible until this is complete and this would mean about 4 or so weeks from now; basically starting from scratch allowing all (and I mean all) to provide input.