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Amid many claims in the short time I have been on council that many of council’s efforts at consulting its residents and rate payers Kelvin Avenue has stood up as a beacon for the process.

The Kelvin Avenue project started life as a pocket park requiring a road closure.

From the very beginning this project, conceived by the previous council and in particular (as I understand it) my predecessor Les Birch, has had majority support from the residents of the area. Notwithstanding this and with my encouragement the project has evolved due to Council recognising concerns expressed by significant numbers of residents.

In other words, as a direct result of public consultation, this project meta-morphed into a Driveway link, a landscaped road.

After debate that lasted an hour and a half Kelvin Avenue (in its current form) got the green light to be considered in next year’s budget considerations. So it has finally been passed …but… has to now pass the test of being part of next year’s budget. Why?

As someone new to the system I am intrigued by this but the project has changed significantly and it is probably fair that it be considered for next year’s budget, rather than try and squeeze it into this year.
During the budgetary process concerns shared by residents and councillors alike regarding the cost of this version can and will be addressed. The boardwalk is one area for consideration. We will have to satisfy ourselves that this actually represents value for money because it is a significant contributor to the cost.
So I say well done to Council and to our staff who have worked tirelessly to produce a project which our community contributed significantly to.