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The DPTI hosted Open Day in Forestville Reserve is tomorrow. Yes Tomorrow.

If you have any interest in any of the projects going on along the rail corridor that runs within the borders of the City of Unley tomorrow is a must attend.

Projects that are concurrently underway include:

1   the rail revitislation
2   the elctrification of the Seaford (Noarlunga) line.
3   the rail grade separation, known as Goodwood Junction.
4   the provision of a shared cycling and pedestrian path, known as Greenways
5   the creation of a new station at Wayville
6   the diversion of the brownhill creek by way of underground culverts
7   redevelopment of Forestville Reserve as a result of that diversion

The last two projects are Council projects, the culverts beign constructed on our behalf by DPTI.

Come and see the many stalls set up, each covering one of the above projects.

It will be held at Forestville Reserve between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm. A free sausage sizzle is available to anyone who attends.