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I have drafted a letter to the editor that I trust will be published in the Eastern Courier next week on the hot topic of Fences around Unley Oval.

There has been a lot of misinformation bandied around on this topic. I have tried to set the record straight when speaking on the topic in the “chamber” and on this blog site.

In an effort to direct everyones attention to the real issue before us (that being the development of a Master Plan for Unley Oval. A transcript of the letter to the editor follows:

“With Council having resoundingly voting against a trial fence at Unley Oval in favour of advancing a Master Plan for the area I trust and hope that the real needs of Unley Oval will be allowed to come forward and be considered. Hopefully everyone can now focus on what they want to see happen at Unley Oval, not on a one off project such as fencing. Big picture stuff in other words.

As a member of the Community Assets Review Committee I note that Council, also have approved our moving to stage II of the Community Consultation on the Community Asset Review can now commence. This means, having heard from the clubs in stage I what they see their needs as, the general community will be invited for input into where they see Unley Oval should in 10 or 20 years, as a precinct not just some fencing around the oval. This consultation will start soon.

The upcoming consultation, which will focus not only on Unley Oval, but Goodwood Oval and the adjacent Millswood Sporting Complex, will provide input to Council as Council moves into Master Planning for the three areas, hopefully early next year.

Please everyone stop arguing about fences, we have a much bigger picture to develop.”
Having said all that I look forward, as a member of the committee driving the community assets review, seeing what initiatves will be put on the table as we move forward towards developing a Master Plan.