Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

In the never ending battle to prioritise the spending budget it looks like Merlon Avenue was missed.

My co councillor Jennie & I have responded to concerns raised by residents in this street in an attempt to put it back on the map.

The footpaths in Merlon Avenue are in need of attention and should realistically have been placed ahead of other streets in the City of Unley. The trees that have die or been removed for one reason or another have also yet to be replaced.  

After an on location meeting thsi week with the new manager of the Depot we believe that we will see the following action.

1                     The remaining tree that appears should be removed will finally be assessed.
2                     With a touch of luck the tree replacement program may yet be completed this winter as    we believe (and residents concur) was promised.
3                     The footpath and the kerb on the southern will be repaired under our current maintenance budget very soon.
4                     With new funding arrangements possible next year we hope to see the a complete makeover of this street in the 2012/13 budget.
This is what your local elected member is there for you. To go to bat for you and ensure as well as we can you don’t get lost in the system. Let’s see how we go with this one. Watch this space.