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Whilst we had a successful meeting with Rod Hook today other issues were surfacing as we met.

I came into possession of the DPTI submission to the Development Assessment Commission (DAC)
just prior to the meeting with Rod Hook (see earlier post today), courtesy of our planning department, who have been asked to provide comment on the submission. I gave Jennie a copy so she could present it to the CAG meeting tonight.

We did not have time to discuss it with Rod Hook and we did not have time prior to the meeting to pick up on the detail to allow us to discuss it. Suffice it to say Ray Broomhill (member of GRAG) and Jennie will be raising it as we speak at tonight’s CAG meeting. Jennie is bound to report on this in her next blog post.

I understand that DPTI have indicated to the DAC that widespread public approval has been received from the public. It seems there has been some good consultation with various residents on each section of fence but widespread approval I doubt has been achieved.

At the end of the day the solutions may have been widely discussed and it may well be that the solutions offered may be the best available. I am sure residents will not be impressed however at not seeing let alone being able to comment on the final designs before they are approved by DAC.

It does look like that they have agreed with resident concerns in a number of streets with solutions that appear to address sound attenuation issues. The occupants of the flats in Lyons Parade for instance are due to get double glazing. The house on the corner of Lyons and Victoria will have a special one off solution.

Not sure everyone will be pleased however.