Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

I have been receiving increasing communication, personally, via email and by way of rumour that the people of the City of Unley who are impacted by the Rail Electrification project and the Greenways project want us (the Council) to become involved in the process of implementing these projects.

Remembering that these projects are State Government projects being managed by DPTI it appears that they (YOU) would prefer to deal with Council because you have confidence that we will listen. This is a feel good for me because this is a compliment that says my own personal approach is, as my blog site heading (above) says, to represent you and to advocate for you.

It is not something can happen simply and Councilmust be careful in getting too involved. Certainly if becoming involved means using rate payer moneys then we simply cannot do this. We also do not want to be diverting rates to this project for the sake of it as there is much in the City of Unley that needs and is crying out for your rates.
Having said that you have the backing of both Jennie & I as I think you know for us to at least use our relationship with you to inform whatever and whoever ultimately designs the greenways.
We have suggested to DPTI that we take a whole of Unley approach to the Greenways/ Electrification projects when consulting, and we believe that DPTIsupports this.
There does appear to be some room Council to contribute. The level of involvement still remains unclear.
Once again we need to recognise these are both State Government projects and that DPTI IS the project manager. If they were as many are hoping ready to simply handball certain elements to Council then we would have to be paid and that would make us a contractor of theirs.
Anyway we will all know soon enough what direction will be taken.