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The Kelvin Avenue debate made the press again in this week’s Eastern Courier.

The Eastern Courier reported on last Monday night’s Council meeting and were correct in what they said about my moving the motion to allow this project to be considered in the budget for 2012/13. They were right in reporting that I said if this project did not get approval the funds would be allocated to another project.

Where they missed the boat was:-

Ø  I moved the motion on behalf of the majority of residents, who supported the project. This was in keeping with a promise I made to residents 12 months ago.

Ø  I also wanted to make it clear to respondents, who felt funds would be better directed to footpaths and road maintenance, that a no vote to this project would not redirect funds to footpaths and roads, but to another similar project; noting that it may also likely be in another ward meaning the Goodwood South ward misses out.

This observation was one also that I wanted elected members to appreciate.

Here is a group of residents (a massive 42% of those against the project) who largely disagreed with the project because funds could be better spent on footpaths and road maintenance. If elected members were to vote no on behalf of these they needed to appreciate that pockets parks are not were residents want their rates spent.

Unless therefore I am off the mark a no vote would have meant that we should redirect funds to those core activities. My point is these resident’s concerns would not have been met if we voted no and then went looking for another similar project.

Why? Those 42% are telling us no pocket parks, or whatever they are; footpath and road maintenance please.

A point missed by the Eastern Courier; I hope not missed on my fellow elected members.