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A Public rally seems the most logical next step as part of the campaign to make Clarence Park Rail Station a safe station.


Readers of the current edition of the hand-delivered Clarence Park Newsletter will be aware that Jennie and I plan a public rally for safety at the Clarence Park Rail Station. We announced in that newsletter that we would seek a public rally.

Readers of my blogs will also be aware that pursuing this is a passion of mine. I made a commitment at the last Local Government election to advocate with the State Government for this. I also recently moved a motion on notice to write to the Minister seeking an investigation.

Additionally, I have spoken with all four candidates for the upcoming State election. All have thankfully indicated support.

Curiously Council has (as the newsletter was being delivered) received a letter from the current Minister for Infrastructure & Transport in response to my motion on notice.

The letter has clearly been drafted by the Department. It does not say much, merely confirming first the history behind the removal of the old gates.

Clarence Park Rail Station Line of SightIt then cites the reasoning behind consideration of why new gates should be considered. This includes such things as train frequency, train seed, proximity to level crossings, sighting distance usage etc. It does not indicate whether it believes these criteria exist or not.

These factors all apply in this location so we should be able to build a solid case accordingly.

Train frequency has increased dramatically with the addition of the flinders line. Train speed is a concern with the significant passage of express trains. Sighting distance is particularly a concern at the southwest entrance. All positively support action by the Government.

With a Kindergarten on one side and a Child Care Centre on the other, surely usage is also a factor that supports action.