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Further to my report late last month on the new legislation our own Deevlopment plan requires ammendment to align it to the legislation.

As I understand it The Minister for Planning released the Regulated Trees Development Plan Amendment (DPA) on the 17 November 2011 on interim effect.

The DPA provides policy to support the assessment of development applications for ‘Regulated Trees’, a new category of protected trees, as noted above, pursuant to amendments to the Development Act and Regulations by the State Government.

The DPA is subject to public consultation until the 25 January 2012.

A review of the DPA and a submission will be prepared by the Administration. The submission will be confirmed by distribution and feedback of Elected Members in December 2011, to allow submission in accord with the consultation time-line. In addition, the submission can be formally considered by Council at its 30 January 2012 meeting, and the submission as confirmed, forwarded shortly after the deadline as the updated formal submission (albeit the later submission may not be accepted given its receipt after the consultation deadline).
If you have observations that you think are still worthy of being accomodated please let us know.