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Anyone interested in saving trees in Unley might be interested in what is being proposed in Burnside.

This link will take you to an article in this week’s Eastern Courier

An interesting article. Please read it and then come back and read the rest of this blog.

Talk back radio today was portraying, from what I heard, the other side of the coin. That was around when will councils recognise that when they are put on notice about the safety of a tree, they should act on it.

As I contemplate another Development Assessment Panel meeting this coming Monday night, where some of the items being  put before us will be applications to remove significant trees, reading this leaves me to wonder what if?

At the end of the day we as a society must measure the value of our trees. Future generations will regret haphazard removal; of that there is no doubt. We must also protect and value human life and human property.

The system for dealing with this is working reasonably well but we should always be conscious of improving it should we find we can.

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