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My last post reminds me to post another recent significant community achievement from a group in Unley.
Last week I attended Pet Sunday at the St Augustine’s Anglican Church at Unley. This is the church sharing the same carpark as the City of Unley Library on Unley Road.
St Augustine’s pioneered the concept of Pet Sunday way back, I think, in the seventies or eighties when the then priest and 5DN’s Jeremy Cordeaux promoted the concept. It is still going strong.
Pets were blessed by the priest while their owners took communion.
The day was an opportunity to promote and support the guide dogs for the blind. Of course pet sunday happens most weeks at St Augustines as two guide dogs in training are regular parishioners, following on from the lead set by Paddy who is now a fully fledged guide dog helping someone in need.
If it is worth doing it is not only being done in Unley, it is being led by groups in Unley. Well done St Augustine’s.
 Sorry – no photos – they did not come out very well.