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The storms last weekend wrecked havoc around Adelaide but especially so in Unley.

I was focused on damage in Cromer Parade Millswood and then found a private tree in George Street has brought down the power lines. This caused a blackout for half of Clarence Park I understand. I have since heard of a tree in Dunrobin Street Black Forest that was the subject of some debate a couple of years back had also impacted on the power lines.

Well Guess what guys. If your street suffered and you have yet to see a response from Council spare a thought for our management and workers. the following is an extract of what was communicated to elected members by our General manger of Infrastructure today.

Currently we have had very close to 300 Customer Requests related to the storm.

While we had several reports of fence damage and one report of car damage on Charles Street the vast majority have been related to trees. On Friday night there was 8 reports of power lines down , caused by trees falling onto them.
Obviously this is a difficult time as we are not at full staff levels with many taking leave. However we have asked some to come in & others have worked long hours, particularly over the weekend causing disruption to their Christmas celebrations. We have also engaged contractors, but only when necessary.

Due to the large amount of clean-up I’m sure you’d understand that we have only been actioning urgent or high priority Customer Requests over the last few days.

We have now completed all critical clean ups to make sure all sites are safe, however there is still debris on some footpaths and a large amount of leaf matter remains in the water table which we will clean up in the near future.

The remaining clean-up is expected to be completed by 3rdJanuary.

So please be patience guys as we address the plethora of clean ups needed.