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Another of my early initiatives looks set to be piloted.

Another of the initiatives I championed in my early days on Council looks set to be trialed maybe as early as late July.

Once again, after listening to suggestions from residents , I championed a concept of early warning similar to that used by the CFS to warn residents of pending bush fires. Initially seen as impractical by our administration they so the logic of my arguments and then took up the challenge.

As I have previously blogged the idea is that residents who have indicated a desire to participate will be advised in advance of the programming of our street and kerb sweeper  and the footpath sweeper, via Text, email or other form of communication. they would then advise their neighbours who will then be able to assist in keeping the streets clear of cars to assist in ensuring the sweep is productive.

I have been advised that a number of residents have indicated their interest in participating. As a result the programmed will be trialled as early as late next month.