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A pet project of mine, reviewing of our street sweeping, looks unlikely to be finalised prior to the commencement of the caretaker mode for the upcoming elections.

Not long after joining Council and conferring with some of my neighbours I championed for a review of our street and footpath sweeping program.

The first step of this review was to investigate how we might communicate the pending sweeping of your street in advance. We trialed an SMS notification system but elected members still await the results of that trial. Having said that, I believe it proved successful and that, with some tweaking, might be worth implementing.

The second stage of this review was to assess each and very street in our fair City to determine which may need more regular programmed maintenance and which might require less. This makes sense because it is nonsensical I believe to clean/sweep a given street not in need when others in need have to wait their 6 weeks because it is not their turn.

This part of the review looks unlikely to come back to Council before we go into caretaker mode.