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Following on from my post on this blog site on the weekend (and many before that) regarding Unley Oval and Sturt FC I received an email with the following transcript from Sturt FC.

Dear Don, 

The Club wishes to clarify some comments made in the Sunday Mail yesterday. We have sought for some time the opportunity to play night football at Coopers Stadium (The Parade) and have been open and transparent on that point. The fact that the Adelaide Oval (where we used to play 2 night games  per year since 1998) is now out of the question means that this is an obvious alternative.

Night football is very popular at SANFL level and at the present time the club is unable to take advantage of this fact – to our financial detriment – and obviously we wish to do so. We are in negotiations to determine whether this will be possible in 2013. The club wishes to make it clear that we would still play our ‘day’ home games at Commander Centre (Unley) Oval on the other 8 or so occasions. To date, there have been no decisions made on this issue but we will keep you posted.

As someone who has been an active participant at looking at the future of Unley Oval I have become increasingly frustrated by some who are derailing our efforts to come up with an Unley Oval for all with the future in mind, whether intentionally or unintentionally by making it something  to do with Sturt.

I would not mind betting that they too are frustrated at all the innuendo they have to continually respond to instead of focusing on solving their financial issues.