Just Retired and Inspired by those who Precede me

Just Retired and Inspired by those who Precede me is my take on this morning. Just retired I am grateful that I am part of a Council that supports older people.


Regular readers of this blog website know I have recently retired.

With the development of an Active Ageing Strategy in 2014, we (the City of Unley) has been leading the charge in celebrating ageing and implementing initiatives that support people as they get older.

The latest initiative in Partnership with Resthaven, Unley Legends, is an absolute winner. It was launched at another Unley Legend, the Capri Theatre today.

Unley Legends is a video series celebrating ageing.

The series of short videos showcases seven inspiring legends of the Unley community who are still young at heart, including 99-year-old Millswood resident Harold Sammells who still travels overseas. He could not attend because he is cruising in Canada.

I was inspired too with the Legends in the west. Two contributors of and one participant at the Clarence Park Community Centre out here in the west of the City were featured among the seven. They include:

  1. 72 year old Peter Moors who contributes to the centres TOYS program.
  2. 73 year old Evaristo Barrera who conducts Yoga lessons at the Centre
  3. 90 year old June Harris who participates in line dancing at the centre

These guys have provided me and you if you care to hear what they have to say some great mentorship. I heard all of them tell me that it is important to stay active. Physically,mentally, socially and spiritually. The other message is take your eyes off yourself and do for others.

So yes! I am just Retired and Inspired by those who Precede me. How could you not be.

Check out for yourself what the Unley Legends video series, visit unley.sa.gov.au.

Tell us if we have our Active Ageing Strategy correct

Council has just started our 2nd round of community engagement for the Active Ageing Strategy which will run until close of business, Monday 31 August 2015.


Active Ageing


The purpose of this round of community engagement is to seek your feedback on the draft Active Ageing Strategy which was put together after the 1st round of consultation.

This feedback will ensure that we’ve captured the key priorities and actions to meet the need of our community as they age, both now and into the future.  Comments received will be considered in refining and finalising the Strategy which is to be presented to Council in October 2015.

You can find out more and have your say in the following ways:

  • Hard Copy:  An extensive mail out is being distributed which will include a cover letter, feedback form and fact sheet.  Alternatively you may if you wish collect and return the forms as well as seek out further information in person (as below).
  • In Person:  You can visit one of our Libraries, Community Centres and Customer Centre to collect and return your feedback form, read a fact sheet or read/obtain a copy of the Strategy
  • By Phone:  To request a copy of the Strategy or a feedback form

Are you interested in Active Ageing?

The City of Unley is proud to be recognised by the World Health Organisation as an Age Friendly City and Community. We are actively working to enhance our commitment to this through a new Active Ageing Strategy to ensure our City is accessible to everyone, promotes health and well being and provides opportunities for connection, inclusion and contribution.


To support this commitment, a new Active Ageing Strategy has been developed in partnership with the University of SA. Integral to this Strategy is our principles that ageing is both a celebration and is intergenerational: everybody is ageing and cities designed for older people are great cities for people of all ages and abilities.

The draft Strategy was presented last night to Council for in principle endorsement to proceed to further community consultation. Feedback from the community will inform the finalisation of the Strategy which is intended to be presented to Council in September 2015.

This new Active Ageing Strategy is focused on creating an Age Friendly City by supporting and encouraging Positive and Active Ageing, where the City is accessible to everyone, promotes health and well being, provides opportunities for connection and inclusion including a high sense of belonging, meaning and contribution.

Something I picked up on some time ago that I try to remember and reinforce every day is that I am yes getting older, but not getting old. This is something I have adopted to help keep a positive mindset. When you recognise that from the day you are born you are getting older it helps you keep positive and accept the journey you are on.

This new strategy, which very much follows the paradigm of”thinker in residence” Dr Alexandre Kalache. Through his residency and subsequent report The Longevity Revolution, Dr Kalache reiterates the concepts of Life Course, acknowledging ageing is intergenerational, rather than a specific trait of the elderly, and highlights the importance of promoting independence and supporting people to remain above the disability threshold.

You will shortly be able to contribute to this report and how Council may contribute to helping you continue on your life journey.