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The first initiative at last night’s Council meeting is to proceed with calling tenders for the design and construct of new oval lights once funding and development approval has been obtained. Sturt Football Club be requested to contribute 1/3rd of the funding of the light installation.

This gives Admin the direction to proceed with bedding down the technical specifications sufficient not only to be able to obtain quotes for the work but sufficient to both prepare a development Application and to go out to the public for their input. It means that this can be project ready once development approval has been obtained and the necessary and obligatory public consultation has taken place, and funding has been secured.

This is a good initiative that enhances the facility for all who may wish to access it during the evening or night hours. The general understanding is that these lights will not only improve lighting for activity on the ground but reduce significantly the spillage of light outside the ground.

I would expect that what will be proposed and put back to us for approval will be similar to the very successful lighting recently at Goodwood Oval.

The lighting at Goodwood Oval has proved a big win with residents there. The spillage of light disappears but metres from the boundary line.

Whilst the Sturt Footy Club will be a definite winner here other groups will have access like other sports, maybe life trainers, dog walkers…..who knows.

It will provide lighting to Sturt FC for training purposes only. It will not be match suitable. As a major beneficiary they will be asked to contribute to the funding.