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All of us, whether ratepayers, staff, or elected members have been alarmed, confused and concerned at the recent news of the arrest of our Mayor, Lachlan Clyne.

The events of this week clearly have distracted us but I sense we will be able to move forward now that the intensity of the involvement of the press has died down. I certainly hope so.

There have been some come out in support of the Mayor and there have been also some who believe the mayor should be sacked or resign. This is to be expected. Part of the confusion I noted above that I have seen from interested people centres on this very question.

In respect of being sacked it is my understanding from legal briefings received as follows:

1.      that, as we all know, a person is innocent until proven guilty in our criminal justice system,
2.      that the Mayor is afforded this same right,
3.      that Lachlan Clyne was elected and not appointed to the position of Mayor.
4.      that the only way he can be removed given this is if he is found guilty of a criminal offence.

Whether he is guilty or not is not our concern until such time as a verdict is handed down. It is his own personal business. Until such time therefore as he is found guilty and this should not be presumed as a fait accompli, he retains the position, unless he decides himself to step aside.

I also understand that the court process, if it takes its full course a result, one way or the other, is likely to be some 12 to 18 months ahead. It is important therefore that we all keep our heads and work toward making Unley the City we all want it to be. If we allow ourselves to be side tracked the opposite is likely to occur.
This clearly should apply to elected members. It needs to apply also to the management and staff of the council. If not the rate payers will suffer. I trust our rate payers will see this too and help us to make the City of Unley what it can be.