Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

With signs having been installed at strategic places along the rail corridor and seeing a well known and respected arborist in Parker Terrace yesterday it is definitely time to shift the focus from the junction to those other rail projects that will impact on others living near the line from Goodwood down to Emerson.

The rail electrification project has taken a back seat with everyone since the announcement of the Goodwood Junction project. It has now snuck up on all of, DPTI included as it is ready to start next week.

Residents living along Cromer Parade, Millswood have been quite organised and have set up a group to represent them in negotiations with DPTI to protect their interests during the life of the project(s).

Residents along Parker Terrace, Clarence Park and along Canterbury Terrace, Black Forest will have similar issues as those along Cromer Parade.

Residents near the foot crossings at Cowper, Dryden and Gordon Roads (Black Forest) and on the other side of the tracks at Homer/Lorraine Avenue and Gordon Road, Clarence Park as well as those whose back fence front the rail corridor all have a vested interest in what is happening.

Jennie & I plan to door knock these people to seek their interest in the project and to understand concerns they may have as we are aware from some who have contact us that DPTI are yet to talk to them, even though works starts next week.