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The Unley Museum’s newest exhibition has something for everyone. From the young in age to young at heart there are toys, toys and more toys. Over one hundred games, toys, animals, dolls and miniature items are on display.

Toys can evoke imagination or imitation while drawing on the real world. Many teach physical coordination or important life skills like counting or rhythm. Some toys reflect the social and economic influences of the child’s contemporary world. Toys with all of these themes will be on display until Wednesday 18 December 2013. 
Unley Museum curator, Elizabeth Hartnell, designed the exhibition into categories that describe each toys’ primary purpose. “I did not want to just have boys’ and girls’ toys because so many have been enjoyed by both genders. So I grouped this collection according to what the toys taught, not just who played with them.”
There is a visual display of the top Christmas gifts for the last hundred years as well as an original 1930s Monopoly game. Come and find out what decade was dominated by the Etch-a-Sketch, the origins of dolls and when balls first appeared as a child’s toy.
Why not try out some of the toys yourself? Indulge your inner child by pulling along a wooden replica that ‘bobbles’, or build a towering structure with our blocks and dominoes. Challenge your friends to a quick game of quoits. You also can fold a paper airplane that will soar in the sky or strike a beat with the maracas and tambourine. 

Toy Stories will be on display at the Unley Museum until Wednesday 18 December 2013. Unley Museum, located at 80 Edmund Avenue, is open Monday to Wednesday from 10.00am until 4.00pm and Sunday afternoon from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. It is closed on public holidays.  Admission is free.  For more information call (08) 8372 5117 or go to