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With the DPA 2 & 3 now before the minister we are turnign our attention to what many may call “the heart of Unley”.

The Unley District Centre has been identified as requiring further investigation to resolve the range of constraints and opportunities within the precinct, including traffic, parking, accessibility, land use, building form and pedestrian amenity. The Community Assets Review and future of Council facilities will also be a key input to the Plan. Similarly, a study for King William Road is appropriate in preparation for its programmed reconstruction in the future. Critical to the function of both precincts will be the key linkages between the two corridors, including shared streets, pedestrian linkages, low speed environments and cycle paths.

An Elected Member workshop was held on 7 November regarding the progress of the Precinct Plans and to enable a broad discussion about options for a comprehensive approach to community and stakeholder engagement. A

Community and stakeholder engagement plan is being developed and will be brought to Council for consideration in January 2012. Funding applications have also been prepared to the Commonwealth Government’s ‘Liveable Cities’ program and the State Government’s ‘People for Places’ program.

A project plan is also currently being developed to identify key tasks and associated time frames which will also be presented to Council for consideration in February 2012.