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The recent Sensis has revealed some interesting facts about Unley that many residents may not be aware of.

For instance if you said that the third most prominent citizen behind Australian born and English born were Greeks, the guess again. Those born in China are third, totaling 786 compared to 655 from Greece. Those from India total 488, ahead of those born in Italy @ 464.
This might account for the numbers of Chinese people attending the Mandarin Service at St Augustine’s Anglican Church which is located next to the Civic Centre.
Of you thought Unley was an ageing city, well it is only marginally more than the rest of Adelaide. At 29.1% of the population for those over 55, it compares favourably with 27.4% for the rest of Adelaide. Interestingly children under 14 represent 16.1% compared to 17.7%.

An interesting fact is that Unley, which is earmarked with other inner rim councils as needing more consolidation, as 38.5% as medium density (semi-detached, row or terrace house, flat, unit or apartment) compared to the state @ 21.8%.

And just to bring things into perspective, the western suburbs of Unley have a slightly higher proportion of 0-4 year olds, 20-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds and a smaller percentage of 65 years +. Seems the west is well represented with younger people. Although not representative yet it would be reasonable to conclude that in the near future the Western suburbs of Unley could see a spurt in the births, given the figures of the sensus.