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Unley Council has purchased from Australia Post the property of 166 Unley Road , the site that houses the Sturt Football Club’s BarZaar.

The following is an extract of a press release from Council.

The City of Unley’s purchase of 166 Unley Road from Australia Post is a significant step in the development of the Unley Central Precinct.

166 Unley Road, currently occupied by the Bar Zaar Restaurant and Bar adjoins the Council-owned Memorial Public Car Park (168) in the heart of the Unley Central Precinct.

City of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne said “Council’s $2.1 million strategic purchase enables Council and the community to work together to unlock the precinct’s potential and positively influence the development of a vibrant hub for the Unley Central Precinct.”

Mayor Clyne said Council’s ownership of both properties (166 and 168) is an advantage.

“The relationship between 166 and 168 Unley Road is significant,” Mayor Clyne said.

“166 has significant property rights and interests, including easements, encumbrances and right of way that impact 168.

“The purchase means Council will control both properties; however it will be business as usual for the owners of Bar Zaar. This creates greater flexibility for Council to facilitate a comprehensive development and avoid a piecemeal approach that fails to do justice to the precinct.”

Mayor Clyne said Council will facilitate a co-ordinated, mixed-use development to invigorate the Unley Central Precinct.

“Several years ago, Council identified the need for a master plan for the Unley Central Precinct,” he said.

“The combination of 166 and 168 creates a large rectangular site that enables a master plan approach.

“We want to see medium density, around six storey’s, with a mix of businesses, retail, community facilities and residential spaces. Council, together with the community, will drive the future direction of the Unley Central Precinct and set the agenda for an integrated and high-quality development.

“This means more people, jobs and community facilities and, importantly, a vibrant heart for Unley. This is good for Unley and all South Australians.”

The master plan for the Unley Central Precinct is expected to be developed with community input over the next two to four years.

Mayor Clyne said this master plan will be part of the “bigger picture” for Unley Road and the area.

“The Unley Central Precinct master plan will complement Unley Road as a whole, to ensure maximum benefit for the community and businesses,” he said.