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After a lengthy but persistent search for outside government funding, Unley Oval Stage II is a goer.

Council has been seeking additional funding for quite some time now.

The value of the project is $ 4.5m, with funding of $ 2.53m secured. This includes Federal Grant funding of $ 1.33m. This funding is part of the phase 2 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program. Our forward budgeting ($1.2m) makes up the difference.

Unley Oval Stage II a goerExtensive negotiations with the State Government have not been successful.

We have met frequently with the State Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport over the last three months. These have failed to identify any State Government stimulus funding opportunities that may be available.

We have been encouraged to apply to the Office of Sport and Recreation Community Recreation and Sports Facilities grant funding options. These are however really more appropriate for subsurface drainage and resurfacing of the oval as well as coaches’ boxes.

Fortunately, the Federal Government is releasing Stage 3 funds under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program (LRCIP). Council will be receiving $925K in early 2022 to allocate to a suitable project. We are earmarking this project in the belief that it meets the criteria.

This means, along with funding of $ 1.0m via the Sturt Football Club, that funding the Unley Oval Stage II project is a goer. That is apart from a minor shortfall of $ 75k, which the Council will need to fund.


In a motion moved by me this week, Council has approved allocating this funding to the Stage II project.


By committing this guaranteed funding, tenders can be called from suitable builders as early as next month.  More importantly, we anticipate a construction start date before the end of the year.

This will see the completion of a project that has been on Council’s books since before I commenced as a member back in November 2010.

That’s not the end of it, however. I still wish us to explore upgrading the oval itself, and likewise Goodwood Oval. Both grounds need not only re-turfing but improved drainage.