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Council has set up an advisory group to to address issues arising from the passage of freight trains through the City of Unley.

The Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group comprises both Elected Members (two from the most affected ward – Unley Park) and community representatives.

The primary role of the Unley Rail Freight Advisory Group will be to:

• Raise community awareness of the current and long term issues with further development of the existing rail corridor for freight movement through the Adelaide Hills

• Develop strategies to encourage the Federal and State Governments to consider an alternative rail corridor for interstate rail freight in the long term

• Work with the rail authorities to review current rail freight operations to minimize community impact in the short term

They held their first meeting on the 19th October.

Residents of Goodwood and of Goodwood South Wards are also affected, particularly those who might live near the Goodwood Railway Station. If you are one of these and wish to have a say or wish to be kept abreast of progress let me know and i will advocate for you.