Victoria Street Open to cars

The rail grade separation and electrification works are coming to an end with Victoria Street, Millswood open to traffic.

There is still much to be done to be finally complete and while workers will  frequent the area there will be safety guards present at the crossing.

I noticed when visiting the site early this afternoon that sound attenuation walling is yet to commence and the Greenways bike path from the crossing back to Cromer Parade has yet to be bituminised. Of course electrification works  are well short of finished.

There are of course a number of resident concerns yet to be resolved with DPTI. Jennie & I will be seeking another audience with Rod Hook if we feel resolutions are not forthcoming in the near future.


  1. Walter   •  

    Hi Don,
    The roadway seems rather narrow considering the number of cyclists that use that bike route, I would have thought modern safe road design would be to separate the cyclists from the motor vehicles….

  2. Than ks for your observation Walter. Not having the detail for the proposed new bike path layout (as the Greenways meets the Mike Turtur path) I delayed responding to you until i had the information I need to respond with substance.

    No one in Council has this information either and they have been unsuccessful in soliciting this from DPTI (due the person they think can help being on holiday). bare with me because this is important to your observations.

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