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While the Goodwood Junction project keeps churning other sections of the corridor are taking shape. So, where to from here? What can we expect?

Electrification works are due to commence soon but don’t hold your breath. The work is yet to be designed. 

DPTI engineers and project managers will be walking the corridor soon, I believe from this week on, to determine what design parameters are relevant to each section of the corridor. They will then be in a position to design the electrical infrastructure.
This means the location of masts/posts/columns are yet to be determined. It would appear that different solutions may occur on different sections of the corridor to best address issues like not interfering with local significant trees.
It is possible for instance I am advised that the masts at the Clarence Park Railway station might be centrally located because of the narrowness of the corridor at that point.
Council staff will be joining this team with an interest in saving trees and with an interest of determining where the corridor boundary will be to allow us to design the revegetation on our side of the fence. This is something we have struggled to do because we have not known where to start, let alone finish.
Once this is done, you can expect to see work commence. Don’t know how quickly though.