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The paramount question to be asked in Goodwood South is who knows what is happening with the plethora of railway related projects. The answer would appear to be, as each meeting with representatives of DPTI pass, No-one.

At a meeting Jennie & I attended last night we were informed of the role the Unley Council in the Greenways project. Just as well we were there because we were able to put it to bed before it became the next issue we had to fight. It bought back memories of us being told that we wree going to destroy a section of Millswood Park, when one of DPTI’s tenderers for the Goodwood Junction project proposed using it as a depot.

Apparently Unley Council is constructing the Greenways project within it’s borders. We have apparently also written a submission on the Development Application to the Development Assement Commision in respect of tree removal, pruning or whatever. And we are responsible for determining the alignment of the rail corridor fencing.

Clearly there is much still to manage from Jennie and my point of view even though the projects ARE STATE GOVERNMENT projects. People will still believe we are responsible unless we can set the matter straight.


1    The Greenways is a State Government Project. We certainly don’t have any funding in our budget for it.

2   Elected members are usually briefed on submissions to the DAC.

3   There are parameters as to where fences can and cannot go. If there is some flexibility then we will contribute to the solution, and if that is the case we will consult you.


On a brighter note.

From both comments last night and from information from within Council this morning we may be able, in consultation with you, design the landscaping along the fence lines. This may impact on the fence line.