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That is the question I hope to see answered once our Administration has responded to last nights motion by myself to proceed with the calling of tenders for picket fencing around the perimeter of the Oval proper once funding has been obtained and public consultation has been completed.

As I indicated in my presentation to the motion last night I want to see where the fencing would go, what it would look like, how high it would be, where the openings will be, how wide the openings will be, what gates would be used and how they would operate. Not only do I want to see this but I want everyone with an interest in Unley Oval to see.

I have struggled during the master planning process to accept the debate (for and against) fencing around the perimeter of the Oval when we have NOT had a design put in front of us, when we have not had something concrete to look at and debate.

Only by proceeding to a point where we can see what might be possible can we adjudicate on whether it is suitable or not. Only then can residential and elected members alike know whether or not the Unley Oval amenity will be enhanced by the addition of a fence OR whether it will detract from the amenity.

This does not need a lot of work in detailing and can be bought forward quite quickly I would have thought.

For my part, what is put in front of us WILL enhance the amenity of Unley Oval it will get my vote. If it detracts it WILL NOT get my vote.

So bring it on, let us all see for ourselves how it will present.