Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You
After helping others on the other side of the City I am now embracing the wants and needs of people in my own Ward with an issue that is very close to home, again concerning open space.

Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park POCKET Park

After an initial public consultation 12 months ago Council, with the approval of a majority of residents approved a pocket park for the eastern section of Kelvin Avenue, Clarence Park. With the need to obtain DTEI approval for the road closure to allow construction of the park, we are again engaging the public.

Affected residents have been written to by Council’s adminsitration and a public notice was placed in the Eastern Courier inviting submissions.
Residents having an opinion, having anything to offer, or with suggestions to make, should send in their written submission to Council’s administration, prior to the 15th June.
To ensure that those affected by this project do get a say I have commenced door knocking in the area.
I have met a number good people today and heard a number of observations, both for and against, regarding the park. I appreciate the opportunity of being made aware of these varying views.
Thank you to all those people who have given me their time and shared their views. I await those who have an interest, who were not home and who have an interest enough to ring me in the near future.