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Building & Construction projects are difficult at the best of times to co-ordinate and it is very difficult to not disrupt those around which the development occurs.

The current work in the railway corridor, within the boundaries of the City of Unley is as good an example as there is, and particularly in the area surrounding Victoria Street Goodwood/Millswood.

From what I have seen DPTI have been trying very hard to do the right thing by residents adjacent the corridor but they so often wind up with foot in mouth disease. An example of this occurred yesterday I have heard reported.

Apparently yesterday was the absolute worst day for a resident to be without power and she was promised this would not happen. Of course, you know what is coming. It did.

Anyone reading this blog is encouraged to register any complaint they may have via either the DPTI hot line on 1300 443 198 or email [email protected]

I am sure most people realise and accept there will be a need to accept a level of disruption but some would appear to be copping way more than their fair share.

PS   I expect to be able to comment further soon on whether or not Unley Council can get invloved and/or how much they can get involved with aspects of the projects with a view to achieving an ammenity that residnets believe cannot be achieved if left to DPTI.