Street Sweeping

A pet project of mine, reviewing of our street sweeping, looks unlikely to be finalised prior to the commencement of the caretaker mode for the upcoming elections.

Not long after joining Council and conferring with some of my neighbours I championed for a review of our street and footpath sweeping program.

The first step of this review was to investigate how we might communicate the pending sweeping of your street in advance. We trialed an SMS notification system but elected members still await the results of that trial. Having said that, I believe it proved successful and that, with some tweaking, might be worth implementing.

The second stage of this review was to assess each and very street in our fair City to determine which may need more regular programmed maintenance and which might require less. This makes sense because it is nonsensical I believe to clean/sweep a given street not in need when others in need have to wait their 6 weeks because it is not their turn.

This part of the review looks unlikely to come back to Council before we go into caretaker mode.

Street Sweeping SMS procedure a step closer

The trial I pushed for not long after becoming a member of council is a step closer to reality given the results of a recent survey by council.  62% of those people who participated in the trial responded to the survey.

A 62% response rate is a very high response rate , well over what we normally get.   71% of the participants advised they would continue using the service it was ongoing and 52% of the participants thought the trial improved the sweeping of the street.
With the majority finding the trial beneficial I am encouraged that this is an initiative that will address the concerns many residents have expressed about their street not being swept often enough.
The beauty of trials is of course it gives us an opportunity to learn from experience how to structure the program. For instance 30% of respondents were concerned that the sweeper did not arrive on the day notified.
26% of respondents identified that there were problems with cars parked in the street on the day the sweeper arrived were not resident owned cars.
Our staff are now going to conduct an internal review of the sweeping services is to be completed by December 2013. The following suggestions, as a result of this trial, will be considered as part of the review.
·         Review the schedule of the street sweeper
·         Consideration of frequency of street sweeping dependent on types of trees located in the street.
·         Review of the heavy leaf fall schedule and locations.
·         Discourage ‘on demand’ pick ups of leaf piles as requested by residents
·         Accurate and reliable notifications to residents.
·         Using bollards as a way to indicate to residents the sweeper is coming and to discourage people from parking on the street (one side only leaving one side of the street for parking)
·         Sweeper drivers advising of ‘problem’ areas and organising for bollards to be placed on street prior to the sweep.
·         How the notification service is to be promoted to residents if it is to be continued.
A major factor in the success of the Street Sweeping notification is the notifications need to be accurate and this will need to be considered within the review.  The schedule will need to fit in with the notifications to ensure a more positive response from residents.

A step closer.

Street Sweeping Update

Below is the announcement of my initiative to have residents aware of our upcoming Street Sweeping program which I have previously blogged about.


City of Unley Street Sweep Trial

commencing July 2012
Frequently Asked Questions
In an effort to improve our service, Council is launching a trial program whereby residents receive notification from Council advising of the impending arrival of the street sweeper.
What is the purpose of the trial?
The City of Unley street sweeping program runs two road sweepers. The aim is to sweep the cities roads once every 10-20 working days (depending on time of year).  In addition, heavy leaf fall streets are swept on demand (eg Victoria Avenue and Northgate Street). Compared to other Councils this is considered a high level of service.
Why is the trial program necessary?
Each week the City of Unley Customer Service Team receives emails and telephone calls requesting their street to be swept.  In some instances the streets have been swept without the resident being aware that it has happened!
Residents have indicated they would like to know when the street sweeper is due in their street so they can sweep up street tree debris ready for collection and/or move cars from the street.
What will the trial program achieve?
The aim of the Trial is to advise interested residents the day before the street sweeper will be in their street.
The benefits for the resident and Council include:
  • Residents being able to move parked vehicles off the street to enable the sweeper to have free access to the street surface.
  • Enables residents to sweep footpath debris onto the road for collection knowing it would be collected.  Please note the pile is to be no higher than the kerb and must not contain sticks and branches.
Who is involved in the trial program?
The City of Unley has contacted residents from each street sweeping area who have previously contacted Council requesting a sweep of their street or to have piles of street sweepings collected inviting them to participate in the trial.
Can I be involved in the trial program?
It was decided to trial the service prior to offering the service to all residents within the City to gauge the success or otherwise of the program.  The trial is expected to be completed in December 2012 at which time feedback will be measured and a decision to expand the program will be made.
Participation in the trial is voluntary and participants may remove their details from the trial at any time.
If you would like to be involved in the trial please contact Council’s Customer Service team on 8372 5111.
How will I get notified?
Residents participating in the trial will nominate their preferred contact method, ie SMS, email, facebook or twitter.
When do I get notified?
The day before the sweeper is in your area a notification will be sent to each resident by their nominated method advising the sweeper will be in their street the following day. This will be subject to terms and conditions listed below.
What if the street sweeper cannot make it on the day?
If the street is unable to be swept as advised a second notification will be sent advising of the delay.  This could be caused by mechanical breakdown, staff absences etc).
Any other questions?
Please contact Council’s Customer Service team on 8372 5111.

A Win for this Elected Member on Street Cleaning

I received advice yesterday from our Depot’s management team that we will be trialling a new system of advance notification of our intent to clean the gutters of a given street.

I suggested early last year after prompting by a resident in Frederick Street Clarence Park that we consider texting selected residents that we are about to clean their street. This resident envisaged a scheme similar to that used by the CFS on bushfire days. People have the opportunity to volunteer to be included in the texting register.

Since then I have continued to nudge this and it appears other councillors have started doing the same.

The benefits of doing this include:

1    That we, as residents, will know our streets are being cleaned.

2     That we will know when which enables us to

a) Get our street parked cars out of the way so that the whole street can be cleaned.
b) Volunteer to sweep the mess on the footpath into the gutters on streets that we know are not wide enough for our footpath sweeper to access.
c) Allow those who get the message to pass it onto neighbours they know have not provided their mobile phone number to.

When I know more about when this may be rolled out I will advise through this blog