Unley Introducing Pay for Use Parking Trial

Word is the the City of Unley are introducing a Pay for Use parking regime in Wayville to discourage tram users from clogging up residential streets as a Park n Ride to make use of the free trams put on by the Government.

Channel 10 apparently ran a story last night about us (Unley) installing parking meters in Bartley Terrace and Railway Terrace South. The aim of installing these meters is to discourage commuters from parking all day in the residential streets of Wayville.

Friends of residents in this area are not able to visit because the streets have become an all day parking station for commuters using the free trams. With the government making tram use from South Terrace through to the Entertainment Centre free and the Adelaide City Council making parking costs more expensive parking in the northern streets of the city of Unley has become popular.

This has come at a great cost to residents and it is feared it will only get worse for these people.

So lets put in parking meters and charge for parking. That appears to have been the message out there in media land.

Is that what we have proposed. No!

We sent a letter to residents a couple of days ago that reads that we are proposing a trial of parking meters and when completed consulting residents as to their feelings of the success or otherwise of the trial. Is that what Council authorized? No!

The motion passed by Council reads a follows:

*ITEM 855
MOVED Councillor Schnell
SECONDED Councillor Tipper
1. The report be received.
2. The Draft Pay for Use Parking Policy as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 855/13 (as amended) be noted.
3. The local community in Wayville/Goodwood be consulted about the proposal.
4. A report summarising the community consultation be presented to Council.

My understanding of this motion is that we consult the residents for their feelings on whether we introduce a trial or not and that the results of this survey be conveyed to Council (the elected members) before taking any further action.

I am now not sure what is going on with this but I am sure it will unveil itself in the next few days.

Wayville Station controversy prompts a deeper question

As the newly opened Wayville railway Station (actually named the Showgrounds Railway Station) is heralded a huge success by the State Government it has raised a number of eyebrows as an expensive and unnecessary addition to the State’s infrastructure.

The debate which arose before it was constructed has flared again, only a week after it was opened. And the headlines read ” The Phantom Passengers of Wayville Station”. This is clearly a dig at the fact that very few passengers are suing this brand new state of the art station.

I refer to an article by Sheradyn Holderhead in today’s Sunday Mail.

As I ventured by train into the Adelaide Oval to take in some Sheffield Shield cricket (unfortunately the game ended in a draw be we (SA) are still sitting atop the ladder) I could not help but notice not one passenger at this station.

Is this a big waste of taxpayers money by the current State Government is the question being asked. If I may I suggest the question should actually be should infrastructure precede housing or commercial development or follow it.

This Government has been oft criticised for not providing infrastructure before housing developments are allowed to proceed. Now they are being criticised for putting it on ahead of time. In my opinion infrastructure should come first so I applaud the Government for taking the opportunity when it presented itself.

With a Development Plan encouraging sometime in the future (not sure when) a significant and dense residential population between the Showground and Greenhill Road, perhaps it is timely.

I guess only time will tell if the expenditure on this project was justified or not.

On the other hand the rumour is the Government and the Showgrounds are in discussions with each other over an opportunity to create a Park & Ride on the north side of the Showgrounds. This of course will undoubtedly provide a degree of patronage to help justify the construction of the Station.

Indeed the Premier recently announced Wayville as part of a wider Park & Ride program costing $ 7.5 million, which he says will be funded from the proposed car park tax.

All the experts agree that the various north-south roads situated in the City of Unley are already overtaxed with peak hour traffic. And now the Government says it will encourage increased traffic into this area in order to service the otherwise Phantom Station.

So while I am in favour of infrastructure before housing or commercial development I am dead against a park & ride in an inner suburban location.

Please Mr Premier, do not screw up the western suburbs of the City of Unley. We need you or the opposition if they form the next Government to actually do the opposite and ease the commuter pressure on this inner suburban area.

Showground Station Opened

This morning I took the opportunity to preview the new rail station at Wayville, called the Showground Station prior to it’s being opened.

Heavy rain did not dampen my inspection and I have to say I am impressed. We could well do with replicating this elsewhere, not the size necessarily but the style and the amenity.
I can now catch the train to the various events at the showground. Woo Hoo!
Check out the photos

Tempers simmering as residents wait on final designs

After speaking with a few residents along the rail corridor within the borders of the City of Unley, having spoken to staff at DPTI, heard an address by DPTI CEO Rod Hook earlier in the week and having attended the last meeting of the group known as G-RAG I sense the pot is about to boil over in Goodwood and surrounding suburbs if something does not change.


I am witnessing a growing resentment by the residents of Goodwood, Forestville, Millswood, Clarence Park and Black Forest to what they see as their concerns being dismissed by DPTI or being given lip service at best. I am seeing both residents and officers of DPTI feeling the pressure and being challenged.
If I am right we may see some of these people experiencing health issues in the not too distant future. I sincerely hope I am not.
It was only a week or so ago when I reported that I thought people on both sides of this equation at the last CAG meeting were talking to each other and listening. In the short time since I am now hearing the opposite is the case.
People apparently walked out of the CAG meeting saying “a …… complete waste of time”. Numbers at this week’s G-RAG meeting were well down I understand and I since have found that there are those who have decided attending those meetings are also a waste of time and will not be going back.
It appears in other words that my earlier observations were accurate and that this group needed to concentrate on Goodwood issues, particularly around Devon Street South and Victoria Street. The intensity of concerns centred on that region, and they are dealing with more than any other area, are such that they cannot do justice to the concerns of other regions, like the Cromer Parade region, The Canterbury/Parker Terrace region, and the Cowper Road region. In other words I believe this is creating a different and dangerous tension.
After reporting on this blog site not that long ago that workers were being congratulated for getting the project ahead of schedule it my understanding listening to DPTI CEO on Monday night before our last council meeting that trains will be running again on the Seaford (Noarlunga) line in December. By my calculation that is 3 months after what was originally promoted.
Such a delay is going to extend the grief of all the people I have just mentioned AND also those commuters from further down the line who have been hitting talk back radio in the last few days.
Rumours that Council will take over from DPTI (as promoted in public by DPTI representatives) to design and construct the greenways bike path and associated landscaping is getting council into trouble too. Incorrectly I might add.
The fact is Council have become involved at the level they can, and that is trying to facilitate a better dialogue with residents on this project. We can’t simply push DPTI aside and takeover. We must be invited to particpate and can only particpate within the confines established by DPTI, whose projects these are (except the Creek diversion).
DPTI may handball some of this to Council (as a subcontractor being paid by DPTI) but this is yet to be confirmed. It appears at this stage that DPTI will keep this responsibility for the bike path and landscaping north of the East Avenue crossing and that they will ask Council to take responsibility south of that crossing.
Whatever happens this cannot commence until DPTI confirm what geographical space is available to allow design, let alone construction. In other words were will the rail fences be. This they have yet to do.
Hopefully an information session planned for Sunday 24th March at Forestville Reserve will circumvent any breaking points I am concerned may be close.
I understand that there will be stands for all 5 projects that we are dealing with at present
Goodwood Junction Rail Separation
Rail Electrification
Brownhill Creek/Keswick Creek stormwater diversion
Greenways bike path
Wayville Station
More on this when I learn more.

Forestville Eagles Setting the Pace

Step Aside Goody Saints Football Club. You are not the only highly successful sporting club in the west of Unley. The Forestville Eagles are proving too successful for their stadium at Wayville.

Forestville is one of the 10 member clubs of the Basketball SA and has a strong tradition of success at both junior and senior levels. The club is based at the Wayville Sports Centre, the best facility for district basketball in South Australia.

Rumour has it the Eagles success is pressuring them into needing bigger accommodation.

The club won both the men’s and women’s state league championships in 2011.

Nine junior teams recently won the 2012 State or Reserve Championship finals which  has culminated in the club becoming the overall state champion club for the first time since 1984. Looking through the results on their webs ite I see the young girls in each age group performed at a remarkable level, winning everything in site.

Well done everyone involved!!!!!!