Jayne Stinson engages with our local community in the Battle for Badcoe.

Hot on the heels of my blog recently on a 3rd candidate in the battle for Badcoe, endorsed Labor candidate Jayne Stinson engages with our local community in the Battle for Badcoe.

She held two public meetings yesterday. The first was held at Dora Guild Playground; the second at Page Park. I attended both.

Of interest was the presence of the President’s or immediate past presidents of three of our local premier sporting organisations.

Jayne was entertained by President Craig at the Goody Saints v University match

Goodwood Saints Football Club and Goodwood Cricket Club promoted their joint pursuit of female participation in their respective sports. Both clubs are leaders in their competitions and are active in female participation. Later Jayne spent the afternoon as guest of the Footy Club watching the “A” grade beat and pass University in the top five.

They are both keen to see renovations to the Grandstand. Renovations that are long overdue. Renovations that have become urgent given female participation in both Football and Cricket. They lobbied for grant funding for Council’s proposed upgrades.

Millswood Bowling Club and, by way of a phone call to me to promote their needs, Millswood Croquet Club promoted their respective grant funding needs. The Bowling Club is in urgent need for upgraded female toilet facilities and likewise a need for disabled facilities. The Croquet Club in need of new premises.

All four have embraced the principles of Council’s Active Unley strategy. This has resulted in the needs promoted.

Their lobbying backs up my lobbying with Jayne earlier this year.

Other issues included looking at safety of the pedestrian rail crossings at the Clarence Park Rail Station. The introduction of quieter and faster trains while removing gates has created a more dangerous environment than ever before noting this is a Station that has previously seen a death of a young child.

In the meantime, I am looking to catch up with the 3rd candidate later this week, Cr John Woodward.


  1. Cathy   •  

    Do you know what’s wrong with the crossing and what they are thinking of doing to it? People can take care. I hope remedial action doesn’t mean treating us all like we don’t know what the right thing to do is….

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      As far as I know Cathy, there are considering absolutely nothing.

      The issue raised by our community is concern is the trains are now silent and moving faster than before which is viewed as more dangerous than before. Two people reminded me (and Jayne) that we have already sen the death of a young lad at this station (some 20 years ago). A horse pulling a dray I hear also was killed at this location.

      Of particular concern in this environment are kids, and a concern about one individual suffering from dementia who has been seen crossing at the southern end. Of course we have the situation now with people walking as they focus on their smart phones.

      • Cathy   •  

        So the new trains are considered more dangerous than the old ones because nobody’s been killed?

        Stating the obvious, you can’t stop people having accidents, being careless etc. We can’t make a world that’s foolproof for the idea of people wandering around with dementia. People want to cross the road with while talking on their phones, that’s their issue. The idea we have to make the world safe for people doing this is – well. Shaking my head.

        The thing I can really imagine making the crossing potentially dangerous is that it is a stop that express trains run through. So the simple fix is stop the idea of express trains which cut out a very short amount of time for people further down the track, at the expense of other people being able to catch less trains.

        But overall, you might do better banning all cars forever because kids and others cross the roads in inappropriate ways. That would really save some lives!

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