Here we go again…on the Hills Line

After residents along Arundel Avenue Millswood have had to fight and still are for a return to the privacy they once enjoyed from idling trains on the Belair line we now find residents further up the line have a similar concern.

With the re-opening of Millswood Rail Station and the removal of vegetation the same issue is now challenging their neighbours further south, those whose houses front the Millswood Station.

Emmie Dowling has a storey in the Eastern Courier concerning this latest development.

This is a timely reminder that there are still a number of outstanding issues on both this and the Seaford lines which the Government & DPTI have yet to address.

Emmie’s article suggests that DPTI will be addressing this issue. Those waiting for resolutions elsewhere along both lines will watch this with interest.

How does the State Governments Strategic Traffic Policy affect you?

Are you aware the State Government released its ‘Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan’ on the 21 October 2013.  

If you live, work or play in South Australia but more importantly use the roads of Adelaide and beyond, whether you use car or public transport you need to be aware of what the Governments plans for our future transport are. They complement the recent 30 Year Plan they put before the public with wide ranging reactions.
This is a comprehensive plan, albeit only in concept form. And make no mistake it is a plan that will impact significantly on the suburbs of the City of Unley.
It includes, of interest to Unley residents:
ü  A new tram route down Unley Road.
ü  Continuing the development of bikeways and walkways through Unley and including completing the Greenways Program.
ü  The electrification of the Tonsley train line linked to a new 600 space park and ride facility. Upgraded rail stations and increased park and ride car spaces.
ü  Increased train service frequencies, meaning less waiting time for the commuters of the western suburbs of Unley.
ü  Increased secure bike parking at rail stations and opportunities for bike sharing through the Metrocard system.
ü  A potential underground city train link to improve accessibility, with four new CBD stations in the longer term, meaning it  is one I may not get to see
ü  The creation of Inner and Outer Ring Routes around the City. On the south side of the City this includes Greenhill Road (Inner) and Cross Road (outer), and obviously South Road.
ü  Driving from Gawler to Old Noarlunga on what will be Adelaide’s non-stop North-South Corridor.
ü  The redirection of heavy (double B) road transport from Glen Osmond Road down Cross Road instead to South Road.
There will be a number of positives for the residents of the western suburbs of the City of Unley who I am focusing on here. There will also be a number of challenges as I see it.
Those boarding trains at Emerson and Clarence Park stations will board electric trains, not what I expect in the near future will be the Diesels. This hopefully may reduce the incidence of rat running down East Avenue, Leigh Street and Goodwood Road.
We can do with the upgrading of the Emerson, Clarence Park & Goodwood Stations. Less waiting time means we inner suburban commuters can expect to get into town sooner, making public transport an easier choice to make.
Increasing park and ride car spaces further down the rail line including 600 spaces at Tonlsey hopefully will reduce the rat runners using East Avenue and Leigh Street or Goodwood Road.
Of real interest and what could prove challenging will be the establishment of the outer ring route of Cross and South Roads. This will enable the redirecting of the B doubles away from Glen Osmond Road, a bonus for those in the east of Adelaide but a challenge I suspect for those in the west.
A non-stop north south corridor, when coupled with the increased train services noted above and the introduction of B Doubles will have a tendency to grid lock the suburbs of Black Forest, Clarence Park & Millswood.
This will really help to get those southern rat runners off our suburban streets. It may mean that some of us living in these suburbs, and in particular the suburb of Black Forest may have to find other ways of accessing and egressing from our suburb to get on to those transport corridors or back home.
Non-stop as I see it means non-stop and therefore cars will no long have to wait for others to turn onto a suburban street
And from what I can see directing the B doubles past the Freight line on Cross road and directing them onto South Road will be a challenge for the Government. The freight line remaining there is, is surely a major obstacle to using this route and prompts one to ask yet again, why don’t you Mr Government take the freight rain through Truro.

The plan can be obtained from their website at the following link

Belair Line Closes back Down

With works on the Noarlunga line meandering I have been wondering and I’ll bet you have too if the line will be functional by the latest date for trains to be running again, namely 23 September, which is but a week away.

This storey, courtesy of Jessica Haynes of the Mitcham & Hills Messenger, increases the anxiety as to when this thing will be finished.

THE Belair rail line will be closed for overnight works for two weeks from Monday, September 16.
The line will be closed during the week between 10pm and 5.30am to Friday, September 27.
Weekend line closures will occur on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29, 6pm to 8am.
A bus substitute between Adelaide and Belair will be available on the weekend services.
Services are expected to return to normal on Monday, September 30.
The closures are needed as part of the works to electrify the Noarlunga line.
A Transport Department statement released today said there would be more evening off-peak restrictions and weekend line closures in the coming months for electrification works.

A Chance to get the freight trains diverted

The Federal Election gives residents along the ARTC line a great opportunity to push for a commitment from the candidates for the local seat to push their party, if they gain power to re-investigate the plausibility of diverting the freight trains through Truro.

Residents along the Belair corridor have a unique opportunity to push the candidates who are looking to be their representatives to move the freight train away from Mitcham and Unley council areas.

The previous report I was told earlier this year by Kate Ellis simply was not cost effective. Many have challenged this since that the cost to communities was not factored in.

If you want the freight trains moved here is your chance. Talk to Kate and talk to Carmen. let them both know your wishes.

Local candidates should be elected on local issues. They are your local candidates. If you believe this to be a local issue then go for it.

DPTI running true to form

The headlines online today from the Eastern Courier read “Residents to hold meeting tonight to protect crossing at Millswood.”

This was in response to DPTI finding out only after the Belair trains were back in operation that their redesigned turn out bay to allow Belair trains travelling in opposite directions to pass have cut the line of sight for pedestrians crossing the corridor from Arundel Avenue to the Millswood Reserve. This means it is not safe for pedestrians to use the crossing.

This is a direct result, as I have oft claimed in the ongoing saga of the various rail revitalisation projects, of DPTI simply not having the resources to complete the projects in the time requested by the State Government. The State Government have their own agenda of course and that appears to have stuff to offer the electorate as examples of what they can do ready for the next sate Election. This may well backfire on them given the amount of angst along the rail corridors.

The problems we (residents) have experienced and their (DPTI) lack of consultation with affected residents can be simply attributed to this. They could not consult over that they were not aware of until ready to construct or have constructed (as in this case).

And again as I have been saying all along, the method of project management that DPTI use ….”Design & Construct” …. leaves little room to consult anyway because how can you when you don’t know what your doing before you do it.

Back to Millswood. Residents rightfully are aggrieved at yet another broken promise and more so when met at the meeting with verbal advice from DPTI that “they will not rule out closing that pedestrian crossing” which flies in the face of brochures at the crossing from DPTI saying “they have no plans to close the crossing”.

I congratulate residents on their civilized and considered presentation to Liberal Candidate for Ashford at the next election Terina Monteagle, Liberal member for Unley David Pisoni and Deputy Leader of the Opposition Vicki Chapman. A number of good observations have been made about how to solve this State Government created malaise.

Vicki and Terina will be taking these to DPTI management and we all thank them for that and await the results.

In the meantime I have a suggestion for DPTI’s management. If something has gone wrong and it will affect residents:

1   Don’t hide it from them. Admit it. Let them know as soon as the problem is discovered with a commitment to work with them to solve it.
2   Offer to go away and look at solutions that can be bought back to the residents, noting the need to recognise such essential things as safety etc.
3   Provide multiple solutions and seek input from residents on those solutions.
4   Implement the best option, after that process has been completed.

That may or may not be what residents prefer for sound engineering reasons or for safety but at least they will feel they have contributed rather than being lied to.

This is an approach I have long held in my business dealings. I have found that not only does it cost my business less in the long run but your client appreciates your integrity, which has other positive influences on your bottom line, repeat business or favourable references. Gee they stuffed up but you know before I could pick on them they had fixed it.

This is an approach I am actively seeking Council to adopt. We (Council) indeed have matter coming before us shortly that I will be speaking to in like terms.

It may be fair to say people in the past could not care but we are a new breed now. We do care. And while there may still be a lot of people out there who simply want the government to make decisions and get on with it, they are more who want to feel they are contributing and that the Government cares for them and how a project may impact on them.

The 21st Century solution as it where.

Goodwood Junction Residents Action Group

I can now confirm, for those who may not have recieved notice, that there will be TWO public meetings organised by Steph Keys regarding the Goodwood Junction project.

After speaking with her office I can confirm as follows:

1   Two meetings will be held, both on Thursday night coming (the 4th December) at the Goodwood Primary School.

2   The first meeting will be commencing at 6.00pm and is intended to form a resident’s action group.

3   The second meeting is a Q&A session commencing at 7.00pm with officials from DPTI answering your questions.

Questions will be answered on the three projects affecting the rail corridor through Unley including  obviously on the Junction, but also on the Rail Electrification and the Greenways projects.

If you want answers and want to be heard take advantage of Steph’s in initiative. If you have any specific questions you need answered you may wish to forward your question onto her office ASAP.

Her Office contact details are:

Phone:   08 8371 5600
Fax:       08 8371 5211
Email:   [email protected]

Goodwood Junction Information Session

Finally here (as reported recently) the Information Session being put on by DPTI is this Sunday at SASMEE Park, between 11.00am and 3.00pm.

The information Session apparently is going to include the following:

Final Layouts for the tunnel.
Includes a walk thru’ (or should I say ride thru’ Video of the tunnel.
Information on the redesign of the Brownhill Creek
Includes information on the accessing of the Brownhill Creek Culverts of Forestville Reserve
Maps locating the various services and/or service relocations
Traffic Management information for the length of the project in affected local streets
Confirmation of where the 2 (TWO) pedestrian rail crossings will be during the life of the project
Information on vegetation removal or pruning
Answers to the myriad of questions we have had over the last few months
Information on the electrification of the Noarlunga line
Advice from TransAdelaide on alternate transport options during the time of the project.

We have asked that information on the Greenways Cycleway Connection be also available but do not know if it will.

Beyond Sunday it is my understanding that there will be an ongoing “engagement” process from now until thre completion of the project by way of a regular newsletter that I trust will get to appropriate households and business, sporting clubs etc.

And our General Manager, Assets & Infrastructure will be attending a fortnightly meeting at DPTI to ensure we are kept up to date with the project as it develops, and I will keep you informed of whatever he may pass onto me.
It appears that the level of communication from DPTI is going to improve dramatically, meaning on going logistical or other concerns you may have shoudl be dealt with expeditioulsy and with empathy. Don’t forget of course that if this proves not to be the case you will still have Jennie & I to go to bat for you.

Goodwood Junction Update

Three things for every one’s attention. I have just received news about Millswood park to add to other news on this project.

1     Millswood Park as a venue for a depot.

This is no longer required.

2    Information Session

The information session will be, as I reported recently at the SASMEE Park on Sunday 28th October commencing at 11.00 am.

3  Work Commences

So before the information session work has commenced. DPTI have advised their tree contractors are starting today. Activity will focus on the Cromer Pde, Hackett and Chelmsford Ave area in the first instance, and will largely involve pruning for the safe passage of plant and equipment. It will include the removal of the Ficus on the Chelmsford/Cromer “bend”, as per DAC approvals.

For any enquiries residents may have, DPTI has set up a central “hotline” – Rail Revitalisation Project Community Information 1300 782 454.

Goodwood Junction Public Meeting

Yes we are going to have a public meeting at long last.

The following is a copy of the letter we are advised is going to residents and key stakeholders by DPTI on the Goodwood Junction Project.  Please note the time of the meeting.

Dear residents, landowners and local businesses

In the 2012/13 State Budget, the South Australian Government announced funding of $110 million for a major new infrastructure project – the Goodwood Junction Upgrade.
This project is a key part of the Government’s larger Rail Revitalisation program and will enhance rail and traffic safety, enable freight and passenger trains to operate more efficiently and reduce waiting times for traffic at the Leader Street, Victoria Street and Cross Road level crossings.
Importantly, the Goodwood Junction Upgrade will deliver local amenity improvements through reduced local noise levels, enhanced local landscaping and lighting and by facilitating improved local cycle and pedestrian links, including a new connection on the Greenways cycleway.
The project will also enable the re-alignment of Brownhill Creek and the installation of a larger culvert system to increase its capacity and help achieve the flood mitigation goals sought by the Stormwater Management Authority and Unley, Mitcham, Burnside, Adelaide and West Torrens Councils. 
The main construction activities involve the separation of the freight line and Belair passenger line from the Noarlunga passenger line through construction of a rail underpass near Victoria Street, Goodwood. This will result in the two Noarlunga lines being lowered approximately six metres below ground level. The planned works also include upgrades of signalling and reconstruction of the Leader Street, Victoria Street and East Avenue rail crossings.
The project is part of a larger $443 million package of works that will also allow for the separation of the interstate freight network from the suburban passenger rail network between North Adelaide and Torrens Junction. The State Government is delivering the project in partnership with the Australian Government, which has committed $232.1 million to the project.
The Goodwood Junction Upgrade is planned to be completed by September 2013, followed by the Torrens Junction works in 2015/16.
The project team is committed to providing all the information residents, local businesses and other interested parties need as design and construction of the Goodwood Junction Upgrade progresses.
We have organised a community information day for 28 October 2012 at SASMEE Park between 11am – 3pm, for which you will receive a separate invitation. In the next weeks we will also be visiting local households and businesses adjacent to the project area.
We are working closely with both Unley and Mitcham Councils in the planning and design stages and will continue to meet with local organisations and residents’ groups throughout the project.
I encourage you to meet the project team at our information day and ask questions regarding the design and construction works.
For more information on the Goodwood Junction Upgrade and other Rail Revitalisation projects please visit, email us at [email protected], or contact the Goodwood Junction Upgrade project team on 1300 443 198.
Yours sincerely,
Luigi Rossi
9 October 2012

The News on the Goodwood Junction

Unfortunately a sinus/asthma attack left me unfit to attend a briefing of Council by DPTI on the Goodwood Junction project and the impact it is having on the Brownhill Creek project.

I am relying therefore on the report by my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert on her blog site as per the following link.

See you at the briefing.

Goodwood Junction v Brownhill Creek goes public

The Goodwood Junction v Brownhill Creek and the mess that has inspired many in the community of Millswood to rise up in controlled anger has finally gone public. Well by way of an article at least …. in the local newspaper, The Eastern Courier.

The article can be found at

With residents and community groups all observing they have had little or no contact the time is nigh for the Government to respond.

They have advised council that up until now they have had nothing to go to the public with and you know what that is absolutely right. They have been stumbling from one issue to another, most found by examination of the documents that we at council have had access to, by Jennie & I.

The rumour is we will have a public meeting some time in October, I presume after the tenders for construction of the rail separation have been let; which means the session will be an information session.

No doubt the public will get to see what properties will be acquired and the reason why. No doubt the public will get to see what has had to happen in this region to accommodate the “no dam” option in Brownhill Creek.

I hope the “no dammers” appreciate what this suburb is sacrificing for their cause and my personal  flagging of what was likely to happen if the Junction went ahead without any reference to the Brownhill Creek requirement.

PS ……………………….. I trust whoever put the notice up on the fences at the easten end of Millswood Park blaming Council for what has or has not been going on would kindly remove them now that the real culprits have been identified.

Goodwood Junction- A Fiasco by any defintion.

My Co-councillor, Jennie Boisvert and I have posted many blogs on the Goodwood Junction project. Unfortunately not many of them hold the State Government in very good light. Well it seems it is just getting worse, no longer by the week, or the day but now by the minute.

Residents in and around Victoria Street Goodwood, who we have been told time and again by DPTI have been consulted and are in favour of what is happening are coming to us distressed and angered by what is happening and for NOT being told about it.

As I mentioned in a recent blog I am now struggling to hold DPTI to account. It is the State Government who should be hung, drawn and quartered for what is happening.

On the weekend I had to placate a number of residents who firmly believed that a house was to be demolished to allow access for bulldozers to dig the tunnel that is the Goodwood Junction project. This is not correct.

Today I now find someone distressed because houses are to be demolished to allow for parking for heavy equipment to park during the time of the project.
Also incorrect.

Both Incorrect but Government you are responsible for this… for creating an environment that allows for anguish to grow through avoidance (and it does not matter why the avoidance) of keeping your people in the loop.

This is NOT A COUNCIL responsibility….so Steph Keys….we need to see you.

PS     And while this is going on we have Bob Such championing the need to make Councils more accountable. Bob, time to make North Terrace accountable mate!

Not Happy Jan-Goodwood Junction

There remains a lot of unhappy people out there in Millswood as the State Government, through DPTI, continues to bumble their way through the Goodwood Junction project.

Because of the lack of consultation from the State Government rumours are flying around fast.

There are people honestly believing a house in Victoria Street will be demolished to provide access for a bulldozer to dig the hole in the junction.

Clearly this project continues to cause frustration to the residents of Millswood.

Please be assured everyone Jenny and I are doing our best to represent you and advocate for you to DPTI.

If this is not good enough we suggest you go to your local state member and get her involved.

Goodwood Junction Update

As many who read this blog will know Jennie & I had a meeting with one of our Managers late this afternoon to get an update on the Goodwood Junction project, including the use of Millswood Park and the impact on the Brownhill Creek project.

A short session but packed with information revealed that DPTI and indeed the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA) have taken on board the many observations we had made about the many obstacles that a rushed program was likely to create.

For all of you who have been dismayed at the lack of consultation from DPTI and with specific concerns regarding Brownhill Creek or the use of Millswood Park etc I can tell you that the major thing that came out of our meeting is that our administration believe they have convinced DPTI to have a full council briefing in the near future (watch this space). The potential is that our residents may be invited to attend in the gallery to hear what we are hearing.

Alternatively they (DPTI) may be ready to have a stand alone session with residents.

Let me say at this juncture I do feel sorry for the people in DPTI who have been delegated the responsibility for developing this project. They have been under the pump because the Government (as I have indicated in previous posts) set very tight deadlines that were non negotiable. This placed a pressure on DPTI to perform miracles. Hopefully, with the involvement of Jennie and I recognising flaws in their original concepts and logistics, a miracle may yet happen, one that does not cause the grief that you and I have anticipated was going to occur.

In respect of issues raised by me about how this project would potentially de-rail the no dam option the SMA project team have been frantically trying to come up with solutions that will prove workable whether the dam is built or not. Clearly there is a recognition that this needs solving now, before the Goodwood Junction project proceeds.

We were briefed on a number of options, noting that they all need some more work to be certain they can work. (More on this when I have something definitive to report).

Of more interest, and which has interested most of you in the last week or so, is what will be happening to that stretch of land on the east side of Millswood Park. What I can tell you is the tenders from the contractors have been received and are being analysed now (I believe there are two being focused on). If I understood correctly one of these are proposing to use Millswood Park, the other is not.

I guess we will have to wait on that one but if one does not see a need to use it then there is a chance the other might be persuaded to follow suit. The other thing is I believe our management are considering asking Council to agree to conditions and rental terms if the use of this site is requested by the winning tender. Given this strip of land is ours this means we have some control because we don’t have to provide them access.

Goodwood Junction Update

Firstly a big thank you to all the people who have spoken with my co-councillor & I about this project. In spite of most who have spoken to us indicating they have yet to be consulted by DPTI you have heard about it, researched it and made valuable and pertinent observations about the logistics of the project.

On the other side of the coin Jennie and I have been working hard to ensure the State Government do not tread all over you as they prepare to start the project. It has taken much of our focus.

Some of you have made representation on the Development Application submitted to the Development Assessment Commission, and I would suggest DPTI would be surprised by how many of you have, particularly given they believe you are all pretty much in favour of the project. We have been copied into much of this.

A number of you have simply put your thoughts to us and trusted we would pass it on, on your behalf. Jennie has summarised the main concerns on her last blog post at

The other major concerns are

1   how the project will impact on the Brownhill Creek project and this is a separate issue not the responsibility of DPTI. it must be dealt with through the Brownhill Creek management team.

2   what is going to happen to the strip of land affected and as I have blogged previously this is a council responsibility. Certainly we are looking for DPTI to be responsible for the cost of rectification but the future use of this land is for Coucnil to decide, in consultation with you. And this is being addressed as part of our current Community Assets Review which I have blogged on frequently.

In the meantime I can tell you all that we will be meeting with our staff tomorrow for an update on what progress we have made in negotiating a responsible solution with DPTI. watch this space for further updates.

By the way; my earlier predictions were that this project could not possibly be ready to start in January. It appears now that it will and maybe because they (the Govt) have been pushing ahead by calling tenders before the designs were ready and I guess you may have thoughts on that.

SA Govt Decide and Defend hurts Unley Council

The State Government’s Decide & Defend Policy is still alive and well and it is hurting Unley. At least one Millswood resident is angry at Unley Council because of what has occurred with the Goodwood Junction Project.


This ratepayer is upset that the city of Unley are proposing to convert a vacant strip of land in the Millswood Sporting Complex into a Depot to support the Goodwood Junction Project as early as October (one month from now) and catch this ….. when the project is complete rather than undertake works to improve the site we prefer to seek RENT?????

first page

Thank you State Government. The Premier’s recent promise to stop the decide and defend policy is hollow as far as I am concerned when I read the poster on the fences at the Millswood site. The Government Department responsible for this project DPTI claim they have widely consulted but this is far from the truth based on the number of ratepayers who have spoken to me about their concerns and indicated they only found out about the project via the newsletter that Jennie and I letter boxed recently, our respective blogs or from neighbours or friends.

second page

Simply……………….The Government have failed to consult and now we at Council are getting the blame because someone out there thinks we are responsible.

And I hear also that there is someone out there (maybe the same person) who wants to know who on Council is responsible so they can vote them out of office.

The 2 page notice above has referenced a development application by DPTI (Not Council) to the Development Assessment Commission to carryout excavations required for the project, construction of the bridge and other associated works.

Council, like any other interested party, has the opportunity to make representations to the DAC with concerns we have. This we are doing and your two local councillors (nominated in the notice above) have managed to win a number of concessions.



Putting the matter straight!!!

This project is a State Government project, with guaranteed federal funding. It is indeed in every sense of the phrase a Fait accompli. The Federal Government wants the freight line to stay where it is rather than go through Truro. The State Government wants the project commenced and completed next year to take advantage of the Noarlunga line being closed to allow construction of the electrification of the line and the greenways project.
Anyone wanting to vent their spleen and vote out of office those responsible I offer two thoughts. Your State Representative is Stephanie Key, and your Federal Member is Kate Ellis. Speak to them if you want action and change.
Your local Council Representatives, Jennie & I, have been fighting for the best possible deal and have promoted ratepayers having their say by way of a newsletter letter boxed recently, our respective blog sites, and in many one on one discussions with ratepayers. We have also spoken with your State MP, and with officers from DPTI, and have assisted our Council Administration in putting a representation to the Development Assessment Commission.
If the persons claiming Council is responsible know the facts I humbly suggest they should vote for the people they want to vote out because we have been working for you, representing you and advocating for you. 

But wait – There’s More

As I have indicated in previous posts on this blog the Unley Council is undergoing a Community Assets Review. The future of the Millswood Complex is part of that review.

The review is progressing well with the input of this elected member/councillor and will soon be ready to go out for public consultation on the draft findings. And there is NO suggestion to RENT that section of the site, whatever that means.

The consultation is likely to be in October.

When the results are back we then intend to undertake master planning for the site, and when complete it will go back out for further consultation on the plan. So, far from the council not consulting, we will be showing the State Government how they should be doing it.

In other words and as a member of the committee responsible for the Community Assets Review, there will be no changes made to this site without extensive consultation.

I expect to report further on the Community Assets Review soon.

Brownhill Creeek Decision Time

It has been a long time coming (since 2006). Monday Night is a big night on Council as we look to decide whether or not to support the 80% of the stormwater project that most believe can be delivered without the dam/no dam question being entertained.

Council is being asked to consider approving all but those works on the Brownhill Creeek, Keswick Creek Stormwater project that is not affected by whether or not the dam is included.

This may seem like an essentially easy thing after all the water that has flowed under the bridge. It may well be but I want to be absolutely sure that the feasibility of options 3 and 3A are not compromised by the need to proceed now with the Goodwood Junction Project (see separate post) before work is done on proving that either option IS indeed feasible.

In order for the Goodwood Junction Project to proceed as planned, from January next year, the location of culverts under the line needs to be determined. How this can be achieved when the necessary detail design of the Brownhill Creeek stormwater culverts will not be done until next year escapes me.

Indeed, for the NO DAM proponents they may find they are locked in to a particular concept when the culverts meet the Junction. If detail design suggest this is inappropriate then what, the under rail culverts will already be in place.

Goodwood Junction moving forward

This project IS being moved forward with a Development application before the State Government’s Development Assessment Commission. No not Councils Development Assessment Panel.

Council will be submitting a representation to the DAC highlighting issues we wish to have addressed before it is considered for approval. Representations from anyone with an interest are to be submitted no later than 5 September. Representations are to be addressed to GPO Box 1815, Adelaide 5001. Queries should be addressed to Simon Neldner on 8303 0662.

After downloading the 4 volumes of information from the Development Assessment Commission website and having, with Jennie, attended on the site of the works with members of the DPTI project team I am getting i think a good handle on the project parameters.

What I can say is DPTI has addressed a number of issues already raised with them and taken advice on logistical issues suggested by me. I can proudly say that my suggestion that the south east corner of the showgrounds would be a more appropriate works depot than the Millswood Hockey Club ground has been taken on board.

Having said that we have been advised a secondary works depot will be set up on the opne area to the east of the driveway of the Millswood Lawn Tennis Club.

I am still studying the DAC documents and will contribute to Unley’s representation.

The biggest reservation I think Jennie and I BOTH have is not directly related to the project but with possible implications of this projects impact on the Brownhill Creek Stormwater project and vice versa.

Goodwood Junction Update

The Goodwood Junction Development is before the State Governments Development Assessment Commission (DAC) awaiting approval.

As part of the DAC process a Public Notification period will be seeking public comments by Thursday 6 September 2012.

Project Manager Mr Rossi, on behalf of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has indicated they already door knocked the residences on each side of the project’s rail corridor. He believes overall the project has been well received. The key issues raised including vegetation and landscaping; construction impacts (including local road access); fencing; and extension of the Marino Rocks Greenways shared use path.
I have to say I am most surprised at such revelation.

In our discussions with locals affected by the project indicate that this claim is not so. I am surprised that there is no mention of concerns over the location of the works depot, or the impact that the Brownhill Creek stormwater project will have on this project and/or vice versa.

Needless to say I less than convinced about the claims DPTI is making.

Having said that Jennie and I are hopeful of attending an on site meeting with key members of the project management team, at which we will reinforce the concerns being expressed to us by you and your neighbours. We await confirmation of this and will reiterate the need for a public meeting that we thought was promised by DPTI.


For further information, interested people or groups can be directed to the Project Information Line, 1300 443 198 or the Project Email at [email protected]
If you have concerns with any aspect of the project you wish addressed now is your chance. Take it!